Fig 1. Quality Time

Identity for Quality Time, a design and art studio based in San Francisco interested in intentional connectivity and process based explorations.

Fig 2. Various Locations

Identity and web design for VARIOUS LOCATIONS, a platform for a curated selections of premium artistic venues in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzen that bridge the culture gaps between the US and China.

Fig 3. Motiv

Spec identity for Motiv inspired by the three main pillars of health recovery: Therapy, support, and education.

Fig 4. Imported Fruit

Brand identity for Imported Fruit, a non-profit rooted in education, community, and political activism in support of a progressive and democratic Philippine State. Through education and community building the program is a vehicle of protest to fight against the human rights abuses of the Philippine people conducted mainly by Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

Fig 5. CCA MFA Design ‘23

Identity + web design for CCA MFA Design Graduate exhibition influenced by the methodology of ‘interference.’ Typographic explorations done with analog techniques of layering and photography.

Fig 6. Divine Time

Divine Time is a browser-based project that holds a three-dimensional transferred version of my mother. Interaction with the chatbot is initiated by the phrase, “Hi, Mom Sorry I Can’t Talk.” which listens for a voice input every fifteen seconds. The responses are populated by an archive of saved voicemails from my mother that I’ve collected over the past few years. I constructed a three-dimensional bust made with various archived photos of my mother to reconstruct her face and head then 3D scanned the object to transfer a version of her into the webspace. This project is meant to explore the methodology of saving in response to the impermanence of time.

fig 7. Obstruction + Transitions


Continuous exploration of form and self critique. The project starts with a look at two arbitrary objects and evolves into a cycle of iteration, critique, and purposeful response all in search of a generative means to constantly create. Obstruction + Transition are the explorations from a bungee cord and toy ball. The cycle evolved from a study of formal characteristics of objects to an exploration of movement when an obstruction is placed between the camera and the subject.

fig 8. event.DataTransfer{};

A multi-layered project and methodology to preserve ephemeral moments in time by recontextualizing its contents.cyanotype, image transfer, paint.